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Tax Services

Whether you need tax preparation, planning or IRS representation, Crystal and her team can help you. Please visit for more information.

Part-time CFO

Minimize the financial headaches of running a business with professional financial services to help grow your small- to medium-sized company and meet investor demands.

Business Plan Bootcamp

Create a professional business plan in this six week workshop that saves thousands of dollars and shaves years off your startup time.

Business Coach

One-on-one help with discovering routes for profitability within your existing business or a new venture.

Helping entrepreneurs build better businesses through financial education and support services.
Crystal Stranger, EA, is not your average accountant.

As a teenager Crystal read every book in the library on investment while living in a 17' trailer, officially homeless, and working three jobs. Within a year she saved a down payment, leveraged through stock investing, and bought her first house at age 21. She was a millionaire by 26, owning several businesses and a large real estate portfolio. Nobody could say clearly how much tax Crystal would owe when using various creative investment strategies. Curious about taxes, she pursued a tax educational program, then became an Enrolled Agent. In the process amassing an extensive knowledge in investment and small business tax laws. After being asked by many organizations to offer presentations and business support services Crystal has expanded her firm to offer a full line of tax and consulting services. Crystal's specialty is working with tech and social entrepreneurship businesses in their formation and growth stages. Together we can build a better world incorporating new technologies and business methods within existing systems for financial excellence.


Small Business Tax Guide

Tax laws can be your best friend or your worst enemy, it is all how you plan your business activities. Crystal Stranger EA shares her wealth of tax knowledge in The Small Business Tax Guide, presenting numerous money saving techniques to have more capital to reinvest in your business each year. Ready to save big money on your taxes each year? Read The Small Business Tax Guide and discover how to make tax laws work in your benefit.

Pro Choice

“Think Different” was the marketing slogan Steve Jobs used to propel Apple to the company it is today, but the idea behind it is best suited to women as in fashion, and life, we are generally thinking a few steps ahead. Through inspirational stories of female investors and businesswomen, Pro Choice will inspire you to make better financial choices to create the life you have only dreamed of, until now. Through reading Pro Choice you will get a step by step process to learn how to make use of how you already think different to outsmart the business world and build the life of your dreams.

Small Business Tax Guide to Health Care

The Affordable Care Act has left many small business owners paralyzed, not knowing where to start. Here is a quick guide to the provisions specific to the needs of small businesses, written in a way to explain complex concepts in simple terms any business owner can understand. By having a better understanding of topics such as: employer Shared Minimum Responsibility Payments, The Small Business Health Insurance Tax Credit, Self-Insurance and the Net Investment Income Tax, small business owners will be better able to plan for the growth of their companies and avoid being hit with unexpected large penalties or taxes.